Terms of Reference


A regular forum to discuss and review ideas for the public open spaces, community uses and concerns groups may have about the progress of the outline planning application.


  • Recognising the role of the established community groups and their importance in creating a development that contributes positively to its neighbourhood
  • Recognising the regeneration of Murphy’s Yard is of significant opportunity for the local economy and a strategic site for both LB Camden and the GLA
  • Ongoing conversations and engagement will be vital to ensuring that as the phases of Murphy’s Yard come forward they can be shaped to respond to immediate local conditions
  • The Community Partnership Forum will  discuss a range of issues to be reviewed in a workshop forum
  • Minutes will be shared with London Borough of Camden planning officers regularly to ensure they are familiar with the issues discussed at the CPB and the viewpoints presented


  • Workshops will be typically held bi-monthly, or more frequently as required depending on the nature of the topic and the requirement of programme sequence
  • To hold workshops with an agreed agenda and topics for discussion and preferred outcomes set out in advance
  • Expert consultants may be required to present on issues, but otherwise the membership will be consistent throughout the project
  • Reports from the Community Partnership Forum may be a useful way of demonstrating the work streams and discussions; this will be determined by the group
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